Common Health and Fitness Questions

Many people have many questions in their minds regarding fitness and health. Such questions may continue to nag them without having clear answers most of the time. So here are some of those health and fitness questions being answered.

Will yoyo dieting affect the metabolism?

Some people have the habit of going on a diet to lose weight and then stop for awhile and gain the weight back all over again. This is how yoyo diet usually happens. Some may ask whether this will affect metabolism. Experts say that it does not matter how often you lose and then take on weight. What is more important is the type of weight that you put on.

Most of the time, people who have the habit of going on yoyo diets usually gain body fat instead of muscle. Fat can take a toll on the body’s metabolism over time. Muscle can burn more calories than fat. In case you gain weight, you might try to gain muscle mass more than just fat so that your body metabolism will not be affected negatively.

Will exercising make one gain weight?

The reason why people gain weight when exercising is that they may be building muscles. Another reason that might suggest that exercising may make one gain weight is that it might stimulate one’s appetite, causing one to eat more. Muscle building through exercise can actually be beneficial even if it might contribute to weight gain. It might replace the body fat that you lose as you exercise and might help improve body metabolism. When it comes to appetite, you just need to carefully look after how much you eat so as not to gain weight this way. Just as long as you burn off more calories than you put in would not lead to weight gain.

Does unused muscle turn to fat?

Many people may be bit confused on whether unused muscle turns to fat. The simple answer is that it doesn’t. Body fat and muscle are two entirely different substances. Unused muscles may shrink in size but it is not converted by the body into fat. The fat may accumulate and take the space that previous muscles may have used.

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