Study Shows Running Barefoot Safer

A recent study suggests that running barefoot may prove safer for your body compared to running with your shoes on. Daniel Lieberman, a professor at the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and lead study author, studied runners from the United States and those from the Rift Valley Province in Kenya whose residents […]

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Common Health and Fitness Questions

Many people have many questions in their minds regarding fitness and health. Such questions may continue to nag them without having clear answers most of the time. So here are some of those health and fitness questions being answered. Will yoyo dieting affect the metabolism? Some people have the habit of going on a diet […]

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Pushing Your Body to the Limit

Athletes and their trainers have had this long-held belief that if they exercise too hard, the body develops high amounts of lactic acid that halts the work out and causes muscle pains the next day. Recent study, however, show that lactate has nothing to do with the burn, but can actually be tapped to turbocharge […]

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Couple Exercise May Help Improve Relationships

It seems that couples who workout together can also help enrich their relationship. People who find time to exercise along with their partners may be doing something that may help strengthen their bond and improve their love life. There seems to be two main reasons why this is so. Deepens Intimacy Exercise, in itself may […]

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Fit Students Score Higher in Academic Tests

A recent study has shown that physically-fit students tend to score higher on standardized academic tests compared to their less fit peers. It also shows that test scores dropped more than one point for each extra minute it took the subjects, consisting of middle and high school students, to complete a one-mile run. The subjects […]

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